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Self-Service Laundry in Glendale

Come Visit Us


Attendants are available most of the day to assist customers at Launderland. We want your time here to be efficient and pleasant. That's why our card-operated laundromat in Glendale has:  

  • Credit/debit card readers 

  • Pay-by-app option (with a loyalty program) 

  • Money changers - 3 of them, one of which will change a $20 and give you 3 $5s and $5 worth of quarters. 

  • Atm  

  • Laundry supply vending machines 

  • Snack/drink vending machines 

  • Free Wi-Fi 

  • Plenty of seating 

  • A Starbucks across the street 


Call today if you have any questions about our card- and coin-operated laundromat in Glendale. 

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