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Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery

Let Us Come to You

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Available Mon-Sat


At Launderland, we want to help remove hassle from your life, which is why we've partnered with OrangeBag®: a top-rated laundry pick-up and delivery service.


 Available six days a week, this service lets you get your wash done the way you want it, without leaving your house. Just use the automated system to tell us when you’d like it picked up, how you'd like it cleaned*, and when you'd like it back. We make laundry day easy by offering the most convenient laundry delivery service in Glendale and the neighboring areas.

Launderland will keep you updated of where your laundry is throughout the process and bring it back to you clean and folded. Set up laundry pick-up and delivery with us today so we can help you keep your wash clean and your time free.  

*some services may cost extra

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