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Los Angeles Laundry Services  

Sudz & Dreamz offers quality laundry services across Southern California with Launderland in Glendale and The Laundry Basket in Hollywood. Whether you have commercial or personal laundry needs, both of our laundromats are here to help, from full-service drop-offs and pick-ups to self-service machines. At Launderland, we make laundry day a breeze. Check out our Los Angeles laundry service locations to enjoy all they offer.

Launderland - Glendale, CA

Launderland is located in a small plaza along North Pacific Avenue and Stocker Street. It is diagonally across from a Starbucks, allowing you to relish a cup of coffee as you wait for your loads to finish. Other nearby conveniences include multiple food options and a small local grocery market. Launderland also provides many amenities within the laundromat, including food and beverage vending machines, if you don’t feel like venturing too far from your washing. 

At Launderland, we offer fluff-and-fold laundry, commercial laundry services, and self-service machines. It also provides one of the few top-rated pick-up and laundry delivery services in Los Angeles. Visit us at Glendale for convenient, quality, and enjoyable laundry services in Los Angeles.

You can find us at:

1157 N. Pacific Avenue
dale, CA 91202

Contact Information:


Los Angeles
Image by Vincentas Liskauskas

Laundry Basket - Hollywood, CA

The Laundry Basket is Launderland’s sister location in Hollywood along the famous Santa Monica Boulevard. It shares a plaza with Magee’s Donuts and 7-Eleven and is a short walk down the street from Hollywood’s local favorite coffee shop, the Liberation Coffee House.

Our Hollywood location offers a newly renovated and updated laundromat with full-service fluff-and-fold drop-off and self-service machines. The Laundry Basket also provides another great spot for those looking for commercial laundry services in Los Angeles. Visit Launderland’s sister location in Hollywood for convenient and quality Los Angeles laundry services.

You can find The Laundry Basket at:

6707 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Contact Information:


The Laundry Basket

6707 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles

If you're closer to the Hollywood area, visit us at our other location. Information below.

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