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3 Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Save Time and Money

3 Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Save Time and Money

Hosting an Airbnb is a great way to maximize your property’s profit and let visitors explore your hometown—and the LA area is never short of visitors. Like with any other business, making sure your service meets the needs of your guests and leads to stellar reviews requires some investments. Here are three ways you can save time and money as an Airbnb host without hindering your star ratings.

1. Stock up on Bulk Household Supplies

Many household items play a prominent role in daily home maintenance, from paper towels to various cleaning solutions. Depending on the number of guests visiting, the frequency of visitors, and how long each stay lasts, certain household supplies go out of stock faster than others.

Buying household and daily-use items in bulk allows you to stock up for the long run in one go. Although buying in bulk comes with a hefty upfront cost, the long-term investment balances it out. It also reduces the total cost and time you would need to spend regularly restocking smaller supply loads. Pay one cost and make a one-time restock trip with bulk supplies that’ll last you through multiple guest stays and cleanups.

2. Automate Rental Operations

Automated systems allow you to step back and let technology do the heavy lifting, freeing up your schedule and offering multiple other conveniences—such as remote control to additional multifunctional abilities.

You can automate your Airbnb rental operations in many ways. You can use digital keypad entry access for self-check-ins, set up automated messaging and replies to guests, and implement SMART technology to remotely control and oversee thermostat settings, security systems, and lights. Investing in a robot vacuum further saves you time as it cleans the floors for you. Automate your rental operations to free up time on your end.

3. Use a Laundry Delivery Service

Cleanliness greatly influences your guests’ positive and successful Airbnb experiences. Along with sweeping, mopping, and wiping down surfaces, doing laundry between stays is crucial to maintaining your Airbnb’s cleanliness. Between the towels, bedding, and blankets, post-guest laundry days involve a large load that sometimes takes a whole day to wash, dry, and fold. Depending on the frequency of guest stays, laundry costs can also add up on your water bills and grocery receipts.

Save time and money as you prep your Airbnb with a laundry delivery service. Letting professionals clean, dry, and fold your laundry saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other prep and cleanup work. It also better ensures your items are thoroughly washed without damage, improving the durability and cleanliness of your laundry load. Laundry deliveries further free up your schedule as it reduces time spent driving to a laundromat.

Launderland’s laundry delivery services pick up your load, wash, fluff, and fold them. We then return it back to you or set up a pick-up time that best suits your needs. We’ll do whatever is more convenient for you. Check out our laundry delivery services and follow these three tips and tricks for saving money and time as an Airbnb host.

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